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Swedish Massage

 A manual massage technique that shows emphasis on long stokes, Kneading muscles to promote healthy circulation. One of the most common massage techniques used to help with relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage technique that is used to focus on the deeper layers of muscle groups. It aims to help release muscle tension and chronic pain. Deep is a relative term. Depth is based on the client's needs and tolerance.


Sports Massage

A Style of Massage that is more focused on specific muscle groups. Techniques used can be both deep and light to facilitate the removal of lactic acid and reduce “knots”. This massage is often for Athletes or those that use their muscles in specific sports.

Repetitive Use Massage

Massage techniques used along with stretching, to help decrease inflation in specific areas. An example for use of these massage technique are but not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis, shin splints.



A massage technique use to decompress muscle tissue through suction. Cupping increases circulation in very concentrated area. Unlike other forms of massage that compress the muscle and tissue. The cups gently vacuum to your skin and lift underlying soft tissue. 

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